Fence Detective™

Events in the United States and around the world have resulted in an increased focus on security. Vital private and public infrastructure and assets remain vulnerable.

Critical sites at risk are many and include:
plant Patriot Detection offers a straight forward and reliable Perimeter Intrusion Detection System for security personnel monitoring perimeter integrity. A chain link fence at the perimeter provides the infrastructure necessary to install the Fence Detective system. Often perimeter encroachments occur in remote areas around the perimeter which are not continually monitored. Fence Detective components are inconspicuous and discreet and will provide an instant alert to security personnel isolating the specific fence segment where the perimeter intrusion is being attempted.

Fence Detective is designed to be a stand-alone perimeter security system; however it can also be integrated with other existing security technologies. The system is modular and scalable allowing for easy expansion.

Fence Detective™ System Overview

The FENCE DETECTIVE system is an array of modular components including Primary Logic modules with CPU, connection modules, sensor cable, radio transmission devices and a graphical user interface software application. The system is very discreet, requires no maintenance and offers reliable intrusion detection at any chain link fence perimeter. The system is triggered by any attempted breach of the perimeter caused by contact vibration, including climbing over or cutting through the fence. Additionally, any effort to sabotage the sensor cable or modular electronics boxes will also result in an alarm.

False alarms will not occur as a result of weather conditions, bird activity or other electromagnetic disturbances such as proximity to high-voltage wires and power transforming stations. The system features a DSP Processor (Digital Signal Processor) with "built-in logic" that will differentiate these kinds of disturbances and digitally filter out false alert signals to the operating system. Sensitivity adjustments can be made to the sensors eliminating false alarms that often occur with other systems.

Activity at the fence is converted to a signal and this data can then be distributed in a variety of ways. It can be relayed to a single point such as a guard station or to multiple locations, including off site remote positions.

In the event of an attempted intrusion, the sensor is triggered at the specific fence line where the encroachment is underway. A radio signal will be instantly sent to a dedicated PC on which the Fence Detective Security Interface (FDSI) resides or to a loudspeaker at the security monitoring position(s.) The FDSI will trigger an audible alert and its graphical interface will visualize in real-time the specific fence line where the intrusion is being attempted. Security personnel are immediately alerted and can thus respond accordingly to the specific secured fence segment.

Integration Services: Patriot Detection provides integration services that allow separate free standing PC security applications to be brought together and combined into one streamlined efficient monitoring tool. Information can be centralized or distributed according to your specific requirements. We can custom design a graphical and user friendly Security Systems Interface to meet your specific needs.